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June 25, 2009
Let Draft Day begin (and join the action on Twitter)...

So first, the cliff notes on what I'm hearing: Not a lot.

In the days leading up to the draft, the Kings were far from Wizards - literally. While I was repeatedly told the phones were ringing off the hook in Washington (which had the No. 5 pick before trading it to Minnesota), the team just below them - the Kings - seemed less primed to make a move. I don't see the search for a veteran point guard (by way of trading the No. 4) paying off. The more likely scenario is the packaging of the two later picks (No. 23 and No. 31) to move up.

As for who the Kings pick at No. 4? It's still sounding like Memphis' Tyreke Evans, but today and the in-house discussions that are going on do truly matter. Davidson's Stephen Curry may be the safe pick, and I almost wonder if he winds up being the guy with the understanding that the Kings love his offense and simply plan to add defensive pieces elsewhere to shore up that weakness (they love Louisville's Terrence Williams). Syracuse's Jonny Flynn still has fans among the team's decision makers and makes sense to them on a lot of fronts.

Lastly, Ricky Rubio. If the anti-Rubio sentiment that was so prevalent in the Kings camp over the last few weeks was actually all smoke, then Cheech and Chong would be proud. But there are strong basketball arguments to be made that he would be the best fit based on need, and the business and what his presence could do to help the bottom line is certainly being discussed.

Moving on here, I wanted to share a couple comments from Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie from last night that didn't make the paper real quick as well...

On whether he'll trade the No. 4 pick: "You're always open to listening, but right now we're prepared to make the pick."

On the fact that Petrie nor anyone else truly knows which player will wind up being the best down the road: "Whatever happens in this draft tomorrow, there is not going to be any absolute truth - only some people will say there is. The absolute truth will come down the road, when the truth becomes more self evident. If anybody wants to say they have the absolute truth, it's up to other people to accept it or not."

Now, to the logistics of the day. For those not content to watch from their couch at home, the Kings are inviting all fans to attend a draft party at Arco Arena from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Petrie will speak with the crowd before the draft and after the first round selections. Coach Paul Westphal will be there, too, along with some celebs apparently.

As for our Kings blog party, the action will be on Twitter unless something of more substance unfolds (at which point there will be more blogging before the picking begins). Follow me by clicking here, and be sure to add fellow Kings/NBA writer Jason Jones to your lineup by clicking here. For the lazy folks out there, there is a direct Twitter feed from my page along the right rail below. Enjoy... - Sam Amick

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