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June 15, 2009
One fan's perspective

He's not just a fan. He's Tom Ziller, he of Sactownroyalty blog fame and KHTK glory.

In the wake of the Paul Westphal hiring and the reality that the fan voice has never been more important for the Kings, Ziller will join Carmichael Dave tonight on "The Show" from 7-9 p.m. on 1140 AM and (Dave is filling in for Jason Ross). Ziller and I spoke the other day for the piece about Westphal becoming official, and I'd been looking for an excuse to share more of his thoughts that appears to have now arrived.

Thus, here are his thoughts that didn't fit in print. I may do unconventional blogs like this on occasion, getting outside of Bee box and checking in with the folks who matter most to the Kings and their future. Feel free to agree/disagree with Ziller's take in the comments section. A quick teaser before we move on: I may have another one coming soon involving an old friend.

Ziller on Westphal hiring (quotes that weren't in the story)...

"I think there could have been so many more infinitely poorer decisions made. Obviously Westphal wasn't the favorite of most fans, I think. When it all started, there was a huge backing for the Eddie Jordan nostalgic contingent, of which I honestly was part of it...They could have chosen someone like John Whisenant, who would've really upset a lot of the hardcore fans."

On whether he's the right guy for this mix of players...

"It's obviously an offensive-minded team, so you need a coach who has an offensive system of note. I think a major failure over the last three years has been sort of a lack of offensive identity. (Eric) Musselman..I thought his biggest failure was on the offensive side, where Brad Miller - three quarters of the way through the season - was saying that he didn't know his role on offense when he was the most important offensive player in terms of being a facilitator. And then Reggie Theus didn't have a system - the owners called out his lack of a system a month into the season last year. I think implementing some sort of offensive scheme or offensive principles will definitely help the product on the floor." - Sam Amick

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