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June 11, 2009
Petrie press conference and other multimedia musings

Here is the press conference from yesterday, with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie discussing everything from the hiring of Paul Westphal to the Kurt Rambis situation to the draft that is two weeks away.

Below we have the radio portion of this blog, from my interview with the Rise Guys yesterday to the Rambis interview in its entirety from yesterday. I only had a small portion of the Rambis interview in yesterday's post, but there was more discussion at the end in which Rambis talks about how he and his wife came to a decision on the matter followed by a few more not-so-subtle digs at the Kings to boot. Also, be sure to check out the surprise announcement from Kings draft prospect and Memphis guard Tyreke Evans at the end of this post.

Westphal, by the way, will be introduced to the media/public tomorrow and sharing the spotlight with the mega-point-guard-workout that includes Syracuse's Jonny Flynn, UCLA's Jrue Holiday (his second Sacramento stop) and Italy's Brandon Jennings. If you missed our one-on-one interview with Westphal from the night he learned he was hired, read it here.

* Rise Guys and I chat about Westphal, Rambis and draft - click here.

* Rambis talks with "The Petros and Money Show" on Fox Sports radio - click here.

Last but not least, I had heard that Evans badly wanted to be the Kings' No. 4 pick (no surprise there), and Evans made that abundantly clear with his Twitter post early this morning. (to follow me on Twitter, click here; to follow fellow Kings/NBA/Monarchs writer Jason Jones on Twitter, click here)

We already posted our video on Evans' Tuesday workout in Sacramento, but the behind-the-curtain look from in-house is below.

- Sam Amick

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