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June 22, 2009
While waiting on Ricky Rubio

I will be curious to hear the extent of Ricky Rubio's recent workout at the Kings practice facility, especially after former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry criticized the one-on-one format that his son, Stephen, participated in on Sunday. The younger Curry - competing against guards, including the physically imposing Tyreke Evans - felt that the session marginalized his playmaking and point guard skills, basically was little more than a one-on-one drill, with players trying to take each other off the dribble at the top of the key. Curry said his son had hoped to display his playmaking and shotmaking skills in transition opportunities, but often found himself stuck in the corners, shooting jumpers.

Details of the Rubio session should be interesting. Tthe Spanish guard is a floor leader, distributor and penetrator who utilizes his size and ranginess for steals and deflections in the passing lanes. He is a pass-first point maker - a true point guard in every sense of the word. The issue will be whether Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal believe their can improve his offensive skills. One suggests that - given his age (18) - all things are possible, and his upside is too special to ignore. One Kings offiicials openly referred to the 6-foot-5, long-limbed Rubio as a "prodigy."

One last word on Sunday's workout

While Evans size (6-foot-7) and physique remind me of a younger LeBron James, he seems more like a two-three than a point guard. His turnovers are a concern, and from what we were able to observe during a 20-minute sesson, he didn't strike me as the type of player who makes teammates better. He wants the ball in his hands, wiith the intent on breaking down his man one-on-one. Just asking: But haven't the Kings seen enough of that these last few years with Ron Artest and John Salmons? Geoff Petrie, it must be noted again, is not enamored of the one-on-one game, which leads me to believe he is higher on Rubio than he is letting on. The tight-lipped Petrie guards his inner thoughts well, especially this time of the year. Don't be surprised if he draft the prodigy at point guard (Rubio) and starts filling other holes.

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