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September 22, 2009
That's Mr. Jon Brockman to you

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Let's talk Jon Brockman. Or, as he's known on his Twitter page, Mr. Jon Brockman.

I hope to do an expanded piece on this during the season, but I don't think Kings fans realize the Brockman love fest that went on in the Seattle area during his time there. And while most of the adoration was surely because the guy dives for loose balls and welcomes all knee scrapes, it's also because he's pretty much Mr. Meat and Potatoes with a side of All-American.

I chatted with the Kings rookie forward about that side of him today, when his love for fishing and penchant for eating large quantities of pancakes were the topics of discussion. Both areas were already public knowledge, as a Brockman Tweet on Aug. 24 was better suited for the Outdoors channel than NBATV and an FSN halftime segment last season showcased his devouring dominance. Be sure to watch until the end, as the player known for challenging his teammates to be their best has a challenge for his new fanbase. (Be sure to at least watch the pancake video first - 'devouring dominance' link)

Brockman may be a rookie, but it seems he's a vet when it comes to the media game. And he certainly wasn't impressed by this little old Kings blog - not after being a correspondent for Jim Rome during his final Huskies season.

As for the actual Kings session that I observed today, we'll leave that to tomorrow's paper. Plenty of time to examine this group. - Sam Amick

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