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October 6, 2009
Misery loves company, Kings fans style

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PORTLAND - You're not alone, Kings fans.

That may or may not help your mood this preseason, when the Kings' new product is being unveiled and developed and none of it will be seen on local Sacramento television.

But I've been soliciting other media folks from around the league to get a sense of the NBA-wide picture on this front, and it's not nearly as pretty as some might have assumed. Here's what I've found regarding 17 teams, with a disclaimer that I'm not fact-checking but merely trusting the folks who work in these areas. Feel free to add to the list, as I'm off to shoot-a-round in Portland and can't finish the job at the moment. Thanks again for the heavy lifting from PBWA members, and Facebook and Twitter contributions.

The 'Friends in low places' crowd (no games televised, Garth)

Sacramento, Portland, Golden State, New Orleans, San Antonio, Utah,

The 'It could be worse' category

Memphis (none locally, one vs. Dallas on Mavs' owner Mark Cuban's HDNet)
Phoenix (none locally, one on ESPN)
Atlanta (none locally, one on ESPN)
Charlotte (two),
Minnesota (two)
Washington (three),
Cleveland (two locally, one on NBATV)

The Joneses (tough to keep up)

Houston (all games televised locally)
Dallas (four locally and three on owner HDNet; sked shows two on NBATV as well)
Toronto - (all but one game televised)
New York - all games televised
Lakers - all games televised - Sam Amick

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