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December 15, 2009
Maloof on eventual Petrie extension: "It's going to get done."

PORTLAND, Ore. - Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof made it clear from the start of this season that 'In Geoff we trust' was still their mantra even after the franchise-low 17-win campaign in 2008-09.

And after Joe Maloof told Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski that they would "sit down soon" with Petrie to discuss a contract extension, I caught up with him this morning on the topic. There will be more in tomorrow's paper, but this is Joe Maloof on the state of affairs on that front.


"I think we want to visit (extension talks) fairly soon, and we want to look at it within the next couple weeks. We'll sit down with Geoff, and discuss the state of the franchise, talk to him about his feelings on the team, how he feels about the situation and go from there and try to work a nice agreement for both parties. We want to sit down in Sacramento. I'll be there for rest of the month.

On whether he thinks the eventual negotiations present any significant hurdle to getting it done. Petrie is among the league's highest-paid general managers under his current contract that expires after this season, earning $4.6 million this season...

"No, I don't think there will be any tough negotiation. I don't think he even has an agent. We just have that kind of a relationship. I just feel very confident (it will get done). I feel that it's going to get done, and it'll be fair for both sides...The world's not the same as it was (business-wise), nobody in the country is doing business the way it was done before."

On the motivation to get it done now rather than the end of the season...

"I think the community really really loves Geoff Petrie. They like him. He has proven himself. He is one of the community. People like him. He does a lot in the community. I think we need to some good news, and I think good news would be to have Geoff sign.

"I think that he's a proven winner, he's got a talent like nobody else in the league at spotting great players. Nobody has been able to do things he's done through the draft - we had three rookies on the court the other night and two second-year guys and we're competing (against Minnesota) and won by 20 points. I think he wants to see this through. Like all of us, we go up and down. We understand that. That's part of the game. We're taking a few punches. That's alright, now we're going to start dishing some out." - Sam Amick

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