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February 18, 2010
Martin unplugged

The online reporting has changed drastically even from last trading deadline to this one, so be sure to follow the Kings news on to see it all.


Reaction to the trade...

"On the basketball side, I'm ecstatic. I couldn't be any happier with the move that Geoff and the Maloofs made to put me in a great situation. I made a name for myself here, they took a chance on me, and who knows where I'd be now if they didn't make sense.
"But it's just like anything, with these relationships you build up for so long, that's the sad part. I'm sad to be leaving Sac. Just as Corliss referred to me as the Golden Child as far as the perception around here, how the older guys took me under their wing, taught me how to do professional job. I learned a lot from guys like Bobby (Jackson) and Corliss (Williamson), with how they did stuff in the community and how they were professional. I watched a lot of that my first couple years, and then once I got out there in the (lime) light I did a lot of that myself and took pride in it. The Maloofs set an example too - that's the hard part of that deal when it comes to the community part."

On the building negativity that surrounded him the last few seasons and grew to a crescendo locally of late..

"I never paid attention to it, but you can always feel a vibe and honestly I saw firsthand with Webb (Chris Webber), Mike (Bibby), and Peja (Stojakovic), and at the end, it always happens like that. No hard feelings on my end for anybody or anything. I had too many great moments to really look at the last six months or whatever timeline you want to put on it. I had an incredible journey. You go from the 17th man your first year to the first man, I just enjoyed my time here. You're always going to have your highs and low, but it's time to move on and I'm ecstatic about that part."

On his experience this season...

I enjoyed this season. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the injury. You just never know what could've happened if I never would've broke my wrist. I agree with everything you said except that I wasn't distant with my teammates. I was distant last year (when he was injured), but this year I stayed around (the team). You might have seen it this year because a lot of this trade stuff was affecting the whole team, and it was time (laughs). That's why I want to thank Geoff and the Maloofs for putting me in a good situation.

On why he thought it was time considering he's a 27-year-old player in his prime that is in just the second season of his five-year, $55 million deal...

When I was hurt, you look at how guys started to develop. There was a new energy and stuff like that, and now you start to build a system toward their strengths because your main player was out so long. When I say it's time, I was in my prime, I say it's time because the 20-point seasons every year didn't really mean as much to me as they did the first time, the second time, and it was just time for opportunity to showcase it somewhere else.
With a guy like me, I'm going to playing 35 or 40 minutes a night, and that takes a hit on the younger guys who they're so high on. That's why when I came back I was expecting to let people go do what they do and I was just trying to fit in. The only way you're going to let them develop and see what they can hold for the future of the Kings is to make a move with a guy like me. They're just out there trying to make a name for themselves and I'm on the opposite side of the pool.

On whether that created tension between him and his teammates...

I don't think there was any tension, I just think everything was new. Everythign was new, and then I got back out there and some nights I was utilized and some I wasn't. That's just the stuff that tells you it's time. But still, I couldn't ask for a better story as far as where I came into the league and where I'm at, how Sac treated me and how much they have given me. It was all good, and that's why I can walk out of here with my head high and very happy.

How much of you thinking your time was up here was connected to doubts about how long it would take this organization to be competitive again?

Those are things you think about, but the person I am I'm just going to try to come to work and get better every day. Because I know everything usually works out at the end. All I can control is me getting better and then all the other pieces fall into place. If they keep on developing, they're going to have a bright future.

On the fourth-quarter situation against Boston Tuesday and whether his decision not to enter play held any deeper meaning...

Sam, I'd do the same exact thing if it was my first year, sixth-year, or year (No. 15). The guys were rolling, got us a lead. It's like when you're down 10 and then the team's rolling, and sometimes the coaches decide to keep their second unit out there. That was just me with what I call my good nature. Those guys just deserved to be out there. You could look at it how you want, but me and coach (Paul Westphal) were 100 percent on the same page with each other.

On how he sees the fit with the Rockets...

Well the way this trades looking, I really don't think everyone's going to be as excited as me to get to the next stop so they might use all 48 hours (until they have to appear with the new team for physicals). But I think I'll fit in very well. I know that GM (Daryl Morey) has been wanting me for a while; I'm familiar with that coaching staff. They know what I can do, they know my strengths. It's just a team on the rise. They know how to play. You try to make a playoff push this year, and then you look at the bigger picture and getting a healty Yao (Ming) and, 'Wow.' That's all I have to say about that one.

On how exciting it is to reunite with former Kings coach Rick Adelman and his staff...

It's very exciting. You've always got to feel good going to a place that really, really wants you in a trade. You could be on the bad end of a trade and not be excited, but I'm very excited to take on this new opportunity and see what it brings.

That's why I'm so ecstatic about this thing. Rick didn't necessarily make it easy for me. We all know that. I still, to this day, see him as my No. 1 coach - and that staff - because they took the time and effort. Coach Carril took time after every practice, Elston Turner, T.R. Dunn and Bubba (Burrage) in the summer time made it mandatory for me to be in Sacramento to put the work in to make the player I am today. A deal like this, the GM and coach definitely talk and I'm glad Adelman spoke highly of me in that regard. - Sam Amick

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