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February 19, 2010
The Fegan factor in Martin's exodus

You folks may have noticed the last post disappeared regarding the Dan Fegan part of today's Kevin Martin story, so let me explain.

It was a gaffe on my part to focus on our editing process in the newsroom, so that is the reason the post was taken down. The original point, of course, was to share more background, information and insight relating to Martin's exodus that is very relevant. So let's do just that...

To be clear: Dan Fegan represented Ricky Rubio, who was passed up by the Kings on draft day in favor of Kings rookie Tyreke Evans.

That really should be duly noted, because Fegan - who represents Martin - was quoted in today's print story saying he thinks the drafting of Evans led to Martin's departure. There is also this reality: Martin's hiring of Fegan didn't sit well with Petrie, as the agent is among the most influential in the game and known for putting serious pressure on teams if his guy doesn't want to be in the current locale.

When Martin signed with Fegan during his time out because of injury this season, the pairing was problematic. Petrie's experience with Fegan in June during the Rubio saga was somewhat contentious, and suddenly here came the prospect of dealing with him again.

And one last clarification about Martin and the lead-up to his departure: it's not as simple as saying he wanted out of Sacramento. He, like so many players around the league who play on subpar teams, was simply dreaming of greener grass. Rather than languish with an organization he wasn't sure could turn it around anytime soon, he wanted to be shipped to a contender.
-- Sam Amick

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