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February 10, 2010
Is Martin going anywhere? - part deux

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First of all, be sure to read yesterday's debut of 'Trade chatter from home,' as it includes all the relevant context to fully comprehend this post.

Now as an addendum to that one, I wanted to address three reports regarding the Kings today.


Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Kings have inquired about the Indiana forward Troy Murphy, and that wouldn't be surprising.

I've been told that's not the case, but that doesn't mean it's not worth discussing. The Kings obviously want a big, and Murphy - who is a very productive one with a good inside-out game- is one of the few so widely known to be available. If this were to happen, look for it to be the aforementioned three-team deal in which Kevin Martin goes to Dallas. And consider this as well: Murphy is represented by agent Dan Fegan, who also represents Martin and most of the Mavericks team.


Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Kings have discussed sending Martin to Phoenix for Suns forward Amare Stoudemire.

I began discussing in late January why the Kings would steer clear of this kind of scenario - read here - and I have been told that remains true. The only qualifier is this: the Maloofs are big Stoudemire fans.

They have privately raved about his talents for quite some time and have a relationship with him. That coupled with their eternal confidence in their own powers of persuasion means they just might think Stoudemire could be convinced he belongs in Sacramento. If there was a call made, I wouldn't be shocked if it was George Maloof on the Kings' end (I'm half-kidding, or maybe 90 percent kidding). Yet while that may sound like a means to getting a deal done, remember this: those same factors were in place relating to Drew Gooden, and he couldn't get out of Sacramento quickly enough when he was traded here last season.


We had extensive Celtics material in the last post, but I've seen conflicting reports about the team's willingness to deal veteran shooting guard Ray Allen and his expiring contract worth $18.7 million.

As I understand it, the most accurate representation of reality is this story from CBSSportsline's Ken Berger in which this is what we call the "nut graph"...

The bottom line is that Ainge, who saved his job by pulling off the perfect storm of trades that yielded Allen and Garnett three years ago, has made it clear in private conversations that he's "not going back to the abyss," according to one person familiar with the discussions.


I did an interview with - Southeastern Ohio's News leader and serious Martin mania country - yesterday in which we discussed his situation and the continuing chaos around it. That chat can be found by clicking here, but be warned that it took me about 10 minutes to get it loaded up.- Sam Amick

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