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February 9, 2010
Trade chatter from home: Is Martin going anywhere?

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Ailene Voisin is on this East Coast trip, although it sounds as if she's stuck in New York and potentially unable to get to tomorrow's game in Detroit.

Back at home, I've been banging the phones on the trade front and have to a couple of iron-clad conclusions regarding the hot topic of Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin and whether he'll be moved.

* The Kings remain quiet, at least as it pertains to Martin. There is no reason to think basketball president Geoff Petrie is motivated in the slightest bit to move him before the Feb. 18 deadline. Translation: "Dead as Chelsea's nuts."

That's how Petrie answered my question about Martin and potential trade talks in late January, when I knew the gist of what he meant but had to chuckle at how he so consistently finds confusing ways to say simple things.

His chosen form of expressing the fact that it was a non-existent topic in his mind was odd enough and off-color enough that it was edited out of this story. Depending on a number of factors - the four games remaining before the deadline, the patience level and state of mind of the Maloofs and the quality of any potential offers - I'd still say there's a slim chance this part of the equation changes.

* Boston is legitimately interested in Martin, but that scenario doesn't look likely to go anywhere at the moment. A source close to the Celtics said they have not spoken to the Kings, but the two teams will likely talk soon.

If the Kings were to accept a deal giving them Ray Allen and sending the Celtics Martin and Andres Nocioni, the deal could very well get done. I don't see Petrie doing that, however. That move would free up approximately $17 million off the Kings' cap this summer and free up Martin's money that runs through 2013 and Nocioni's through 2012. It doesn't bring back talent beyond this season, obviously, as Allen's contract is expiring.

Despite the Kings' hopes of landing an impact big man, don't expect Celtics GM Danny Ainge to give up center Kendrick Perkins (or point guard Rajon Rondo, for that matter, if I even needed to verbalize that part).

* After a recent strong statement from Minnesota GM David Kahn that he won't be doing any big moves, I inquired once again as to the state of affairs out that way.

My discoveries are sure to crush those of you online and in the radio realm who have been clamoring for a Martin-for-Al Jefferson deal or even a Martin-for Kevin Love deal. But don't hold your breath. Despite sources close to the T-Wolves recently saying they had discussed adding Martin, those discussions apparently didn't wind up with the conclusion that he is destined to be a T-Wolf. There is no interest in him.

* Dallas remains the leader in this pack as far as interest, but owner Mark Cuban is reportedly pursuing Washington's Caron Butler and surely looking at Sacramento thinking, "It takes two to tango." No dancing yet, but who knows as the deadline nears. The Mavs don't have enough desirable pieces from a talent/contract standpoint to get it done on their own, though, meaning a third team remains necessary.

* To review, Houston didn't get far in its talks with the Kings about Martin that would have involved the expiring contract of Tracy McGrady coming to Sacramento for Martin and the expiring contract of Kenny Thomas. That shows quite clearly that ridding themselves of Martin's money alone after this season isn't enough to do a deal.

In conclusion, we surmise that it's going to take some serious offers to pry Martin out of Sacramento before the deadline. - Sam Amick

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