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May 10, 2010
First Kings draft workout has family ties

The Kings are beginning their pre-draft workouts this week with one player who will be of interest to one King.

Ryan Thompson, the younger brother of Kings forward Jason Thompson, will be among six prospects working out Tuesday.

And you better believe big brother is pleased with his brother being out here.

Jason couldn't stop bragging on the season his brother had at Rider and his performance at the Portsmouth Invitational that included a 37-point game.

But unlike Jason who was a lottery pick, Ryan is seen more as a second-round prospect. The 12 players this week aren't among the players who will options in the first round for the Kings, but could be second-round options.

Ryan averaged 17.2 points last season.

The other name of note on Tuesday is Charles Garcia. His name became much-talked about early in the season at Seattle, but had struggles late.

He's a 6-10 player with a lot of upside, depending on what you read about him.

Once the Kings' executives return from next week's NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, expect more workouts and for those workouts to include top names because the Kings will know where they are picking next Tuesday after the Draft Lottery.

Below are the six players working out Tuesday:

Jermaine Beal, 6-3, 205, Vanderbilt
Jeremy Wise, 6-1, 165, Bakersfield D-League
Ryan Thompson, 6-6, 210, Rider
Charles Garcia, 6-10, 230, Seattle
Mac Koshwal, 6-10, 240, DePaul
Seth Tarver, 6-5, 220, Oregon State

Below are the six players working out Thursday:

Denis Clemente, 6-1, 175, Kansas State
Jerome Randle, 5-10, 160, Cal
Devan Downey, 5-10, 175, South Carolina
Aubrey Coleman, 6-4, 200, Houston
Tasmin Mitchell, 6-7, 235, LSU
Raymar Morgan, 6-7, 223, Michigan State

--Jason Jones

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