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June 6, 2010
Monroe's workout and Georgetown big men

With Greg Monroe's entire workout closed to the media, there's nothing my (untrained media) eye can offer about how it went.

Monroe said it went well, so I asked him how he knew with no other players against him today at his workout with the Kings.

"I don't know," Monroe said. "That's a good question. I can only wait for feedback from the coaches."

Today's workout was about seeing Monroe in person where they could assess things such as his shooting form, conditioning and strength.

The Kings can look through two seasons worth of game footage of Monroe at Georgetown to assess his ability against others.

Depending on Monroe's schedule, there's always the chance could invite him back for a group workout. That was the case last year with Tyreke Evans, who returned to dominate a group workout after impressing in his individual workout.

Monroe's game has been compared to Lamar Odom because of his ability to handle the ball. He said the Kings wanted to see how he shot the ball off the dribble today.

Monroe said there haven't been questions about his ability to score in the paint and that he was able to get to the basket off the dribble in college.

He also said his passing makes him attractive to teams.

Paul Westphal liked the idea of running offense through Spencer Hawes last season, so Monroe sounds like he'd fit on the Kings.

*Monroe (6-11, 247) is looking to be the first dominant big man from Georgetown in some time.

The school has produced Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo. More recently Oklahoma City's Jeff Green and Indiana's Roy Hibbert were first round picks in 2008.

John Thompson, III, who is the son of legendary Georgetown coach John Thompson, Jr., coached Monroe.

Thompson, Jr., tutored Ewing, Mourning and Mutombo.

"It's extra motivation," Monroe said. "Big John being around always has a tip or two to tell you. And Coach Thompson is learning everything from his father...there's a lot you can learn."

Monroe said he spoke with Mourning during the season but Mutombo and "Big Pat" are busy, Ewing is an assistant coach with Orlando while Mutombo stays busy with his many charitable works.

Hibbert was the last first-round center. Green plays power forward for the Thunder, which is where Monroe is likely to play a lot. But his size means he could play center for some teams.

On a team like the Kings which has one true center (Hawes), Monroe would probably get time at center.

Monroe said he's comfortable playing power forward and center.

*Here's the lineup for Monday's workout:

Jordan Crawford, 6-foot-4, Xavier
Dominique Jones, 6-foot-4, South Florida
Ben Uzoh, 6-foot-3, Tulsa
Sherron Collins, 5-foot-11, Kansas
Armon Johnson, 6-foot-3, Nevada-Reno
Ryan Wittman, 6-foot-7, Cornell

The player who could help the Kings the most immediately is probably Crawford. But I'm wondering if he might be gone before the Kings select in the second round of the draft (33rd overall).

It might require the Kings to trade back into the end of the first round to land Crawford. He'd give the Kings another player who can create his own shot to go with Evans.

--Jason Jones

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