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June 1, 2010
More workouts planned and a little more on Evans

Now for some news not related to fast cars:

The Kings have scheduled three pre-draft workouts starting Thursday. None of the players coming in are candidates to be selected with the Kings' first-round pick, but could be options in the second round.

Expect some first-round talent to start coming in for workouts sometime next week.

Thursday, June 3

Deonta Vaughn, 6-1, 195, Cincinnati
Trevon Hughes, 6-1, 193, Wisconsin
Robert Glenn, 6-7, 200, IUPUI
Dior Lowhorn, 6-7, 230, San Francisco
DeShawn Sims, 6-8, 225, Michigan
Tyren Johnson, 6-8, 204, LA-Lafayette

Saturday, June 5

Andy Rautins, 6-4, 195, Syracuse
Darington Hobson, 6-7, 205, New Mexico
Trevor Booker, 6-7, 215, Clemson
Marquis Gilstrap, 6-7, 215, Iowa State
Jerome Jordan, 7-0, 235, Tulsa
Donald Sloan, 6-3, 205, Texas A&M

Monday, June 7

Jordan Crawford, 6-4, 195, Xavier
Dominique Jones, 6-4, 205, South Florida
Ben Uzoh, 6-3, 200, Tulsa
Sherron Collins, 5-11, 190, Kansas
Armon Johnson, 6-3, 195, Nevada-Reno
Ryan Wittman, 6-7, 215, Cornell

*I think The Bee has had more than enough coverage for those of you following the Tyreke Evans speeding incident which you can find here.

I've already been asked if we're making too big a deal of the situation. No one was injured. Evans wasn't drinking alcohol and drugs weren't involved.

But Evans is the most popular athlete in a one-team town. And he was clocked at 130 miles per hour. That speed would have been news in any city if it involved a professional athlete.

In the conversations I had with Evans and others today for the story that will run in tomorrow's paper, I think Evans realizes how serious the situation is.

Evans doesn't seek attention. He wasn't begging for more attention when the 20-5-5 campaign was in full swing.

Evans doesn't like this kind of focus on him. I'd be shocked if Evans was caught speeding anytime soon.

And for those asking if this incident is a sign of a character flaw with Evans, please stop. I'm not excusing Evans' speed, but unless you've never gone a mile over the speed limit, don't use this a chance to attack Evans unfairly.

*I took part in my first radio mock draft for the The Rob Long Show in Baltimore last week.

I used the fifth pick on DeMarcus Cousins.

It will be easier to gauge the picks once the Kings begin working out the elite prospects. Evans answered any questions about his play with a dominant group workout following an individual workout with the Kings.

--Jason Jones

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