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July 14, 2010
Maloof wants you to watch the Kings home games -- in Sacramento

LAS VEGAS - I spoke with Kings co-owner Joe Maloof this afternoon and he shared a message for any Kings fans worried the team isn't staying in Sacramento.

"Tell them I said buy tickets to come out and see (DeMarcus) Cousins," Maloof said with a smile.

There was some measure of concern among the Kings fan base after this morning's article in the Las Vegas Sun.

The story referenced an investment group that claimed to have a deal with an NBA team to move to Las Vegas pending the completion of a new arena on the Vegas Strip, among other criteria.

The team was not named.

"We have an NBA team under contract," said Chris Milam CEO of International Development Management in the story.

For the record, that team is not the Kings.

"No," Maloof said. "I don't even know what that (deal) is."

--Jason Jones

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