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November 24, 2010
Ask a King: DeMarcus Cousins answers your questions

By Blake Ellington
Special to The Bee

RBKingsvHornets0003.standalone.prod_affiliate.4.JPGIn the first edition of "Ask a King," rookie center DeMarcus Cousins took time to field questions submitted by fans on The Bee's Kings Corner Facebook page. Below are his answers.

Wesley Wang asks: How has Otis Hughley (Cousins' former high school coach, now a Kings assistant) contributed to your role and experience as a Kings player thus far, and what does he contribute to the organization with his prior experience working with young players and maturing personalities?

He has contributed a lot. I mean, it is not just me. (He has been helping) a lot of players on the team. He has really been helping Tyreke (Evans) out with his jump shot and his dribble pull up, so it is not just me. He wasn't sent here for me, he was actually sent here to be a coach and that is what he is doing.

Mike Glazier asks: What do you feel your potential as a player in this league can be and what are your goals for your professional career?

I believe my ceiling is really high. I want to be one of the greatest big men to have played the game.

What about after basketball?

I am still thinking about that, I still have a long way to go.

Jhulz SilverDrive asks: When the Kings drafted you as the fifth pick overall, so much hype has been created and since the regular season, in your own opinion have you really put up the needed numbers, performance and level that will answer those doubters?

It really depends on whose expectations it is. I believe I am coming in and playing my role and as long as I am helping my team (then I am living up to expectations).

Christina M. Maes-Montano asks: I noticed you were at the Grant-Franklin (football) game (on Nov. 5). What do you think of the Pacers?

Grant is an incredible football team.

David Duran asks: Defensively, what are some of the biggest differences that have stood out for you in professional basketball vs. amateur and college?

You have to play everybody, everybody on the floor can play so it is a hard matchup every night.

Chris Chaussee asks: What's your best "Yo Mamma" joke?

I don't have one.

Watch the Kings Blog and the Kings Corner Facebook page next week to find out who the next "Ask a King" interview subject will be.

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