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December 15, 2010
Ask a King: Carl Landry answers your questions

By Blake Ellington
Special to The Bee

carllandryblock.JPGIn the second installment of "Ask a King," forward Carl Landry took time to field questions submitted by fans on The Bee's Kings Corner Facebook page and on the Kings blog. Below are his answers.

Ken Horn asks: Are you planning to test free agency or do you think you will remain a King?

That's so far away right now, I'm just worried about getting out of this little slump I am in and helping my team win games, so that's really not on my mind right now. I am just trying to be a basketball player right now.

Jayson Francis asks: How do you like playing for the Maloofs?

It's cool, I like all the guys on the team, the organization the fans. I really don't get a chance to hang out or see the Maloofs much, but everything that we have here I'm grateful for the opportunity.

You haven't got the Vegas treatment yet?

One time this summer. It was cool, yeah. (laughs)

Elliott Lake asks: King fans know that you are multidimensional when it comes to scoring the ball and also know that you will take whatever the defense gives you, but where do you feel that you are the most effective in scoring -- down in the post or facing up and shooting the ball?

Anywhere; I think I can score 20-plus points a night. I haven't really had any games like that this year, but I feel like I can put the ball in the hoop from anywhere, so back to the basket or facing up.

You don't have a preference?

Probably facing up because I can use my quickness on bigger guys. ... If a smaller guy is on me, I will use my strength and back them down.

Elliott Lake asks: What part of your offensive game do you feel that you can make improvement?

(The) three-point shot and my ball handling and passing. I can hit the three, but I want to improve on creating for others. I know with the offensive ability that I have, that I am going to get double-teamed and things like that so I want to be able to break down the defense and hit the open guy.

Jhulz SkylitDrive asks: in your own opinion as a player how can you encourage us the fans to still continue watching you every game? Is this team moving forward or going downhill to yet another losing season?

I think we are a team that is moving forward. We lost seven in a row, but the guys come to practice with a lot of confidence every day and they are working hard. They are there early and staying late, so I think we are headed in the right direction. I know you hear coach say it all the time, but it takes a group of guys to be together for a year or two to become an elite team in this league. We're not there yet, but we're going to be there.

Steve Tuck asks: Seeing as there is a major logjam at forward would you welcome a trade back to the Rockets, as the rumors say?

I'm happy here right now. That's not on my mind - trades and everything like that - I'm just happy to be here and grateful for the opportunity, and I just want to make the best of it. Right now, I am not doing as well as I want to, but I am just trying to make the best of the opportunity that's given to me.

ColeyKo asks: As much as the losses hurt, I know this season is about development. That being said, what do you want the team to achieve this season?

I want this team to be a team that people respect. When teams come in here I don't want them to look at us like, "OK, this is an easy win." I want them to look at us like they are going to have their work cut out for them ... A team that somebody wants to watch.

dlittlef asks: I especially appreciate your patience, timing and finesse under the basket. Are the other young bigs recognizing this strength and do they show an interest in learning from you?

Definitely, you know Jason (Thompson) and DeMarcus (Cousins) are very valuable to this team and they are players who listen and want to be better players and take advice from me and Samuel Dalembert. I think they are getting better and improving every day.

What about Hassan Whiteside?

He's in the D-League and the 'D' before 'League' stands for 'development.' He's developing and he'll be a great addition to this team in the near future.

bborzell asks: What does a quality player want his fan base to know about where things are and what's in store for the future?

We're not happy where things are. We won five games - that's unacceptable to me and everybody else in this locker room. So that's where things are, it's obvious everybody knows it, but where we're heading is a playoff team. We have our work cut our for us, and that's the goal.

Watch the Kings blog next week to find out who the next "Ask a King" interview subject will be.

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