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December 28, 2010
Tyreke Evans may opt for procedure; talks about ... almost everything

TyrekeEvansClippers.JPGAs beat writer Jason Jones mentioned in his game story off last night's Kings-Clippers, Tyreke Evans is considering undergoing a laser procedure on his sore left foot that would sideline him approximately three months. The second-year star said he plans to speak with his agent (Bob Myers) again today and decide the best course of action regarding the plantar fasciitis (inflammation) of the left arch/heel area.

But that was only part of the post-game scene. Evans, who missed a potential game-tying free throw and a game-winning jumper after erupting for a season-high 32 points (and one sneaky from-behind block on Blake Griffin), sat at his locker afterward and engaged media members in the most extensive interview of his young career. The only topic he refused to discuss in detail was the "family" issue he has said has troubled him for three months.

Anyway, Tyreke was so unusually candid and chatty - and so immensely funny when talking about how his mother, Bonita, came pounding on his door late last Thursday and scolded him for playing "like ...." this season - that I wanted to provide an abbreviated version of his comments.

On his struggles this season: "I knew teams were going to play me different, but like I said with the foot, it's been frustrating. I can't feel it, but I know I'm not playing the same way ... It felt a little better, and I got treatment after the game. But I talked to my agent, and I was thinking about getting something done to it earlier. I'd probably miss about three months. But I'm going to keep that in mind - whether I want to keep playing or just get it over with .. I'm still thinking about it. The doctors said if I'm playing good, to keep playing. But it's tough, especially in the morning. It's hard to push down. Once I get going, it's pretty good ... I mean, I had it at Memphis, but it went away."

On how many times he has considered undergoing the procedure: "The way I was playing, I was thinking about it. I just tried to push through everything and play like myself ... If I need to get it over with, I'll just do it."

On the hour-long midnight conversation with his mother, who is visiting from Philadelphia: "My Mom just knocked on my door (after the Milwaukee loss) and said she wanted to have a talk with me. We had a long talk in the room, and she kind of boosted my confidence. She said, 'you're not playing like yourself,' and I said, 'you're right. I just have to put that in the past and go out and play.' I told her I didn't feel like talking, but she told me to open the door (laugh). I didn't really want to hear what she had to say, but I listened. I know she wants the best for me."

On whether he considered ignoring the knocks on his door: "(Laugh) For a minute I did but she said 'open the door.' She just kept saying it. She said, 'or I'll break the door down.' I didn't want to get my door messed up, so I did it!. I'm not the type of person to let people know what's going on, and that talk helped me a lot. She told me I'm thinking too much."

On whether his Mom is a tough critic: "Yeah. She tells me the truth, whether I like to hear it or not. She told me I was playing like "bleep," so I had to deal with it ... Then I watched some tape. I had more speed, I was quicker (last year)."

On the miss at the foul line (after he hit consecutive free throws): "It felt good. DeMarcus (Cousins) had a little tip and I thought he got grabbed, and I had a chance to put it back in but it just didn't fall. I kind of rushed it ... I'll take the blame for that. I know we're struggling."

On his "family" situation: "I was trying not to show it, but it kind of got to me a lot. I was frustrated about it. Like I said. I talked to my Mom. That kind of helped me out .. I think I put it behind me. I went out there, I wasn't thinking about anything but basketball. Whatever happens, happens ... It's between me and my family, and it's over with, and I'm just trying to put it to the back."

Photo caption: Kings' point guard Tyreke Evans lays the ball up during the game between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers at Arco Arena on Monday.

Photo credit: Randall Benton/

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