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February 14, 2011
Cousins' penalty fits the crime

By Ailene Voisin

Not that $41,000 is chump change, even for millionaires. But keeping DeMarcus Cousins home while the Kings played Sunday in Phoenix - then fining him the equivalent in salary - seems like a pretty equitable resolution for the rookie's latest transgression. For those who might have been preoccupied with other matters these past few days, Cousins was upset that Donte Greene inbounded the ball to Tyreke Evans instead of finding him in the low post on the final possession in Saturday's loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Cousins reportedly complained to Greene as they walked off the court, and after the conversation escalated in the locker room, blows were exchanged. Earlier today, Cousins and his agent, John Greig, met for 90 minutes with Petrie. Bobby Jackson and Shareef Abdur-Rahim also were in attendance. Cousins flew to Oklahoma City afterward and rejoined the team for the final two games of the road trip.

Along with the fact Greene was not punished for his part in the fisticuffs - Petrie felt no action was necessary after investigating the matter - the other thing I found interesting was his response when I asked about anger management counseling. Petrie said Cousins was not in therapy, but didn't discount treatment as a suggested course of action in the future.

Ok, so now that the latest episode of Saturday Night Fights is over, can't the Kings just get along? And pass the ball more than once in a while?

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