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February 4, 2011
In-game blog (Kings vs. Spurs)

Spurs 113, Kings 100

The Spurs never trailed in cruising to their second win a row and improving to a league-best 42-8.

Tony Parker led the Spurs with 25 points and seven assists. Rookie Tiago Splitter had 16 points and tied his season-high with nine rebounds off the bench.

The Spurs shot 57.1 percent which allowed them to overcome 18 turnovers. The Kings never recovered from falling behind early.

Tyreke Evans led the Kings (12-35) with 25 points. Beno Udrih finished with 18 points. The bench might have been the most impressive part of the night for the Kings.

DeMarcus Cousins never got going on offense (seven points) but grabbed 10 rebounds.

Carl Landry scored 17 points off the bench. Pooh Jeter had 10 points and six assists. Darnell Jackson had 11 points and six rebounds.

It was second consecutive loss for the Kings.

THIRD QUARTERSpurs 91, Kings 75

The Kings pulled within 12 points late in the third, but the Spurs have been too good tonight. Evan though they committed seven turnovers in the third, they've been able to stay control of the game.

Tim Duncan is up to 12 points and will probably sit out the fourth quarter. Duncan has played just 12 minutes, 47 seconds tonight.

Tony Parker leads San Antonio with 20 points.

Tyreke Evans leads all scorers with 21 points.

HALFTIMESpurs 61, Kings 43

It doesn't matter if the Spurs use the starters or go to the bench, the Kings can't keep up.

The Kings saw a lot of George Hill, Tiago Splitter and Gary Neal in the second quarter. Splitter now has nine points and six rebounds. Hill has eight points. Neal has seven points.

The Spurs two All Stars haven't had to do much. Tim Duncan has played only six minutes (four points, one rebound). Manu Ginobili has four points and five assists.

Beno Udrih leads the Kings with 11 points. Tyreke Evans is up to nine points but has missed six of nine from the floor.

And even when the Kings do things right, they can't capitalize. They've forced eight turnovers, but have only a point off them. The Spurs meanwhile have turned eight Kings' turnovers into 12 points.

FIRST QUARTERSpurs 34, Kings 19

From a Kings perspective, the best part of tonight's game has been a couple of fans behind me who are some the better hecklers I've heard at Arco Arena this season.

The best line came when Spurs guard Tony Parker checked out with 12 points which was followed by a "Six of those points belong to Eva!"

Always nice to know someone's divorce is fodder for heckling.

On the court the Spurs don't' look like a team overlooking the Kings after their big win over the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday night.

San Antonio has made 14 of 24 shots (58.3 percent) and been solid on defense. The Kings are shooting seven of 21 (33.3 percent) and the Spurs have 10 points off Kings' turnovers.

Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins each missed four of their five shots. Evans leads the Kings with five points.

--Jason Jones

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