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February 27, 2011
NBA, advisers urging Maloofs to shhhh!

By Ailene Voisin

After talking with Kings and league types over the weekend, I learned that one reason the Maloofs were reluctant to attend Monday's game was that they were fearful of opening their mouths - a common occurrence - about the arena situation.

NBA Commissioner David Stern has urged them to remain mum on the topic and their local handlers have advised them to stay away from Arco because they are famously accessible and accommodating to members of the media. Nonetheless, after being advised against doing so by some of their handlers, Joe, Gavin and George Maloof will be at the game. (I was told earlier that Stern threatened with a fine, but the Kings say this isn't the case.)

Joe tweeted that the information late Sunday morning. Interestingly, George Maloof, who runs the Palms resort in Las Vegas, has long been considered the family's most ardent supporter of having a franchise in Sacramento. He thinks this is a terrific market. Like I said. Interesting.

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