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February 14, 2011
Westphal explains why Greene played against Suns

PHOENIX - There will be a resolution to the DeMarcus Cousins-Donte Greene incident sometime Monday.

Cousins is still in Sacramento where he will meet with basketball president Geoff Petrie. Officially, Cousins was not suspended for Sunday's game against the Phoenix.

Here's the full response from Kings coach Paul Westphal when I asked him about Greene being available for the game even though he was part of the altercation:

"First of all nobody has said there's a conclusion to this. I'm not commenting at all on what happened after the game. Obviously something happened. Obviously this is not DeMarcus' first time with any kind of incident and there are no prior incidents with Donte'. So in our preliminary dealings with this situation we felt that it was appropriate to handle it the way we have. We want all the facts, to do all the homework and be completely fair with everybody and if there's appropriate further action involving anybody we can take it at that time. But we don't want to shoot first and ask questions later. We want to make sure we're doing everything in the right order."

Greene said he was fine and ready to move on from the incident. He assured me he was fine and that too much was being made of the situation.

Greene said he didn't have a problem with Cousins.

"You only live once, man," Greene said. "And I was always taught to never hold grudges. Love the Lord, do what you're supposed to do and you'll be all right."

--Jason Jones

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