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March 15, 2011
Ask a King: Marcus Thornton answers your questions

marcusthornton2.jpgBy Blake Ellington
Special to The Bee

Marcus Thornton has been a busy man these days.

The second-year guard was traded to the Kings on Feb. 23 and quickly worked his way into the starting lineup, where he has developed a hot hand. He scored a career-high 42 points in Monday's win over Golden State, and has averaged 22.2 points in 10 games with the Kings.

Through all that, Marcus took time to answer questions submitted by fans on The Bee's Kings Corner page on Facebook. Check out his interview below, and thanks to everyone who asked a question.

Faustino Cisneros asks: Do you have a Twitter account?

Yeah, I just started one like three or four days ago.

What's your name on Twitter?


Ken Horn asks: Do you think there will be more opportunities/playing time in this offense for you than the Hornets?

Yeah, I came into a great opportunity and I just appreciate Sacramento for giving me the chance to show my abilities.

Ken Horn asks: Now you've seen Sacramento support the Kings first-hand, don't you think Sac-town deserves this team?

Yeah, I just wish the fans ... it didn't just come that game, you know they come to all the games and show their support but I think they do, But it's not in my hands.

David E. Cairo III asks: Do you think your playing style is a good fit next to Tyreke Evans in the starting lineup or do you see yourself as a Jamal Crawford-type gunner off the bench?

We'll have to see. I think we'll do pretty good - me and Tyreke in the backcourt - because we are both very unselfish and we both get our teammates involved. So I think we will be good together.

Dan Nguyen asks: As a player, which is more important to you? 1. Big contract; 2. Play for a winning team; 3. More minutes on the court.

Just winning, man. When you win, the contract comes with it and the minutes come, too. So just winning man, that's what I am all about, just winning. I hate losing.

Brian Birt asks: Are you happy being traded from the Hornets to the Kings? Obviously you're sacrificing being a member of a winning team and coming to Sacramento, where the season hasn't been going well. But with that comes much more playing time and a new opportunity as a player. Which one of those is more important to you as a player?

I feel good where I am at. Sacramento made this trade for me so obviously they saw something in me. So wherever I am needed that is where I am going to play at.

Teresa Cowman asks: Do the Kings play the LSU song for you when you score? How's the food out there in Sacramento?

No, they don't play the LSU song, I kind of miss that. But the food -- the food is great. They have some of the spices that we have in New Orleans.

Isaac Price asks: Are you planning to stay with the Kings when your contract expires?

Who knows? The GM and whoever say the same: I'll be here.

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Photo caption: Marcus Thornton goes in for a dunk in the first quarter of Monday's Kings victory over Golden State. (Jose Luis Villegas/

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