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March 4, 2011
Chris Webber upset about Kings' plight

I spoke with Chris Webber a few minutes ago, and the longtime Kings star is really upset about the club's potential move to Anaheim. Speaking from his home in Atlanta, Webber's voice was almost shaking. I haven't heard him like this since he shredded his knee against Dallas.

"I was talking to Kevin McHale the other night," Webber said, referring to his TNT colleague and Hall of Fame forward, "and the thing about Sacramento ... it's not like Seattle, where they may get another team. I believe if we lost our team we will never see basketball in Sacramento. I know if we lose the Kings, we will never get one back. I don't want the team to go."

Webber, whose No.4 jersey hangs from the rafters in Arco, wouldn't say much more. But I got the sense that he was going to be burning his cell phones minutes trying to see if there's anything he can do.

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