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March 11, 2011
In-game blog (Kings at Spurs)

By Jason Jones

Spurs 108, Kings 103

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. -Some clutch shots from Manu Ginobili down the stretch were enough for the Spurs to fend off the Kings Friday night at AT&T Center.

Ginobili scored 10 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter. All 10 of Ginobili's fourth-quarter points came after the Kings had taken a 91-88 lead with 5:34 to play and began with a three to tie the game.

The Kings were led by rookie Pooh Jeter, who scored as season-hign 16 points off the bench and Jermaine Taylor, who also scored 16 points off the bench. Omri Casspi (15 poitns) and Jason Thompson (12 points, five rebounds) led a balanced attack from the reserves.

Tony Parker led the Spurs with 27 points. Parker also had six assists. Ginobili had a game-high seven assists.

Spurs 75, Kings 71

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. - The Kings are hanging around by taking advantage of San Antonio's mishaps. The Kings have scored 17 points off 12 turnovers by San Antonio. Eight of those turnovers were in the third and led to 13 points for the Kings.

*The Kings are getting balanced scoring. Only one player has scored in double figures (Jason Thompson with 12 points) while seven other players have at least seven points.

*Tony Parker is having way with the Kings. He scored 14 points in the third quarter and has a game-high 23 points. The Kings lost Parker and George Hill on defense and gave them open threes from the corner three times. Two of the threes were by Parker.

*Marcus Thornton has only two points since the first quarter but has six assists for the Kings.


Spurs 52, Kings 46

SAN ANTONIO, Tex., -- The bat was back.

In case any of you forgot how the first trip to San Antonio was interrupted last season, here is a reminder of how that ended:

Kings coach Paul Westphal swung at the bat with his clipboard and missed. Some Kings players on the bench tried throwing towels at the bat. The was eventually stopped in the stands.

*As for the game, George Hill scored all nine of his pints in the second quarter to keep the Spurs ahead. Pooh Jeter came off the bench for the Kings and matched Hill's scoring with nine a long with three assists. Jeter and Jermaine Taylor each have nine points to lead the Kings. Manu Ginobili leads the Spurs with 14 points.

*The bench has been productive for the Kings. Jason Thompson has eight points and five rebounds off the bench. Reserves have scored 28 points for the Kings.

*The Kings already have nine turnovers that have led to 10 points for the Spurs.

*Forgot to mention this in the first quarter, but Luther Head started again because Beno Udrih didn't make the trip because of the flu.

Spurs 22, Kings 20

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. - Not sure how much credit to give the Kings for San Antonio's shaky start. But you know that doesn't matter to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, how called a timeout with his team down 14-8 with 5:30 left in the first quarter.

From there, the Spurs scored nine in a row and held off the Kings for a lead at the end of the quarter.

*Odd stat of the night: Kings guard Luther Head has three blocked shots. That's a new career high.

*Manu Ginobili leads the Spurs with seven points. Marcus Thornton is the Kings' leading scorer, also with seven points.

*Neither team is shooting well. The Kings are at 39.1 percent with nine makes in 23 tries. The Spurs are eight for 20 (40 percent).

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