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March 21, 2011
In-game blog (Kings at Bulls)

By Jason Jones

Bulls 132, Kings 92

CHICAGO -- A day after the biggest blowout of the season, the Kings suffered their worst loss of the season.

The Bulls scored a season high while shooting 61.3 percent. Eight Bulls scored in double figures.

The Kings committed 22 turnovers that led to 35 points for Chicago.

Bulls 98, Kings 72

CHICAGO - Doesn't look like the Kings will recreate their 35-point comeback of last season here.

The Kings continue to give the ball away (17 turnovers) and can't stop the Bulls, who are shooting 61.4 percent.

*Marcus Thornton leads the Kings with 25 points. Francisco Garcia is the only other King in double figures with 12 points.

*All five starters for the Bulls are in double figures led by Derrick Rose with 18.

*The Kings have been outscored 29-5 on fast break points.

Bulls 64, Kings 47

CHICAGO - I'm sure the Kings don't want to fall behind by 35 points again here, but they're well on their way to being down by 20-plus.

That happens when a team commits 12 turnovers (leading to 19 points for the Bulls) with just bad decision making. Many of the turnovers are happening because the Kings keep trying to pass the ball when there are bad angles or teammates just aren't open.

It doesn't help that the Bulls are also shooting 64.7 percent.

But if the Kings are going to make this game competitive it starts with taking care of the ball.

*The Bulls are getting contributions from just about everyone. Luol Deng leads Chicago with 12 points. Carlos Boozer has 10 points. Derrick Rose has nine points and six assists.

*Marcus Thornton is about the only King that could say he's had a decent half. Thornton has 18 points. Beno Udrih has eight points, four assists and three turnovers. DeMarcus Cousins has seven points, three rebounds, three fouls and four turnovers.

Bulls 34, Kings 28

CHICAGO - Wait, I thought the Bulls were a good defensive team?

The Kings are shooting 55 percent (11-of-20) with three made three pointers included. But the Kings are great on defense, allowing the Bulls to shoot 65 percent (13-of-20). Odds are the Bulls won't allow the Kings to keep this up.

*Marcus Thornton leads the Kings with nine points. Derrick Rose and Keith Bogans each have seven points for the Bulls.

*DeMarcus Cousins has seven points thanks to his jump shot. He'll have a size advantage against Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson so I'd like to see Cousins start working on the block at some point.

*For those that keep count, the Kings already have five turnovers that have led to eight points for the Bulls.

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