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April 13, 2011
Ask a King: Jerry Reynolds answers your questions

By Blake Ellington
Special to The Bee

LSJerryReynolds.standalone.prod_affiliate.4.JPGKings director of player personnel and television analyst Jerry Reynolds took questions from fans submitted on The Bee's Kings Corner page on Facebook as well as the Kings Blog. Below are his answers.

Alan Kendrick and Sandy Percival Jamison ask: When (and if) the Kings move, will you go with the team to Anaheim?

Well, that's impossible for me to answer because I am hoping that the team will be here and you know, this is my home; and Roseville will be my home, so regardless of what happens I am not going to move.

What about Grant Napear and the rest of the play by play crew?

I have no idea.

So you and Grant haven't talked about it at all?

We have talked about it but I think he is probably young enough that he would have to be more inclined to do whatever is necessary to keep a job, I am at the stage where I could retire if I wanted to.

Are you ready to say if the Kings leave, you are going to retire?

No, I still want to work. I might have to do something different, but I am healthy and I feel good, so I might have to find something else to do. I feel like there are some things I could do, I've got a master's degree in education and I used to have a radio talk show, so I think there are some other things I could do.

Christopher Guernsey asks: What keeps you so centered and smiling all the time?

Well, that's a good question. I have always felt like that it is very important to take your job seriously, but not yourself. At the end of the day, hey, enjoy life as long as you can and I love basketball and I get the opportunity to do that. Obviously, (there has been) a lot of frustrations here this year in some ways, but I still enjoy what I'm doing.

Alex Gonzalez asks: Will you write another book about the Sacramento Kings? Nobody is more qualified than you. And the final chapter may already be writing itself.

My publishers have talked to me about that and I have said that probably once I do retire and wait a couple years, and then instead of "Reynolds Remembers" it might be "Reynolds Remembers Everything."

RosevilleRealtor asks: Are you moving back to French Lick (Ind.)? The West Baden Resort is pretty sweet ... but I would take the OC over it any day. What is your plan?

No, I am not moving back to French Lick, I've got relatives and a brother back there and I am glad I was raised there and it was a great experience, but this is my home now.

mrwang asks: Who was responsible for picking Pervis Ellison over Glen Rice way back when? Was that you?

No, Bill Russell was the general manager at that time. And actually, by the way, Glen Rice wasn't the best pick; Tim Hardaway went 14th.

tseats asks: Now that Tyreke (Evans) is returning how will the Kings work the guard rotation? Since both Beno (Udrih) and Marcus Thornton are playing so well it would be a shame to sit either one on the bench and start Evans instead. I think they should explore running a three guard set with Thornton at the four spot since he is a good post-up/back-to-the-bucket guard.

I like the three guards all playing at the same time to be honest because I think more and more in this league you can play three guards and Paul Westphal is doing it. They are all playing big minutes, but more and more he's playing all three at the same time.

can_Kings_win asks: Since we know you're a numbers guy, what are your odds as of today, that the Kings will remain in Sacramento assuming they make some headway on a new arena?

I don't have any insight. I am an optimist by nature so let's say I am 90 percent optimistic that they'll still be here next year.

sacgirl88 asks: What do you see the Kings taking from this season to improve next season?

Well the way they finished, I mean obviously getting Marcus Thornton made this team better. They have been playing at a much better rate here in the last month and half so that is something to build on. Obviously the start of the season (was) very disappointing.

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Photo caption: Jerry Reynolds is shown during a Sacramento Monarchs press conference in 2003. (Lezlie Sterling/

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