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April 28, 2011
Maloofs decision before weekend?

Although the Maloofs have until Monday to file an application to relocate to Anaheim, sources close to the family expect an announcement before the weekend. I also continue to hear that diverging opinions exist within the family - some wanting to sell, others determined to retain ownership even if that means returning to Sacramento and figuring out a way to handle the situation from a p.r. standpoint. Ultimately, this is Joe and Gavin's deal. Unless the Maloofs are totally broke - some sources insist they are, others insist they will recover nicely after restructuringing their debt at the Palms - the brothers probably make the decision. Also true: they have been stung and stunned by the resistance from the Board of Governors and what we're hearing from the Relocation Committee. They hate being portrayed and/or perceived as villains, and are reluctant to alienate their peers, especially given the labor situation and ongoing collective bargaining talks. The timing of this is really lousy, both for Sacramento and the league. The economy here - in the capitol of California - is only sniffing at recovery. The league is in the midst of collective bargaining talks and trying to completely restructure its business model. The quality of the game isn't exactly Larry-Magic-Michael caliber. And you want to abandon another proven market? Three years after the Sonics leave Seattle? Not cool. Potentially, this is a public relations disaster for the league.

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