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May 3, 2011
Catching up with Tyreke Evans

Kings Tyreke Evans is in Southern California for some video game fun with New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams.

The two will face off in "Call of Duty: Black Ops " on the on the new "Escalation" map pack for the game.

(I should note I'm not a Call of Duty player. I'm more of a Madden, 2K12 guy. Feel free to let me know what I'm missing).

"I'm looking forward to winning," Evans said on the phone from Santa Monica. "I'm just going to try to give it my best shot and see and what happens."

Evans said former teammate Spencer Hawes was the Kings he played most with, but there isn't a current teammate he plays against regularly.

• Of course, the big news is Evans won't play his third season in Southern California. Evans was among the players that said they had no desire to play in Anaheim.

"The fans showed a lot of support," Evans said. "I'm happy that we're staying there and hopefully we can play better and make the playoffs."

• Also touched on the NBA Draft with Evans. The Draft Lottery is May 17 and Evans was the team representative at the lottery last year in New Jersey.

"I have no problem going," Evans said. "But maybe they'll pick DeMarcus (Cousins) this year."

I also asked Evans about players that stood out for him in the upcoming draft and more about next season.

Evans would like to see the Kings re-sign Marcus Thornton and Samuel Dalembert.

Evans said Arizona forward Derrick Williams and UConn guard Kemba Walker stood out to him this season. Depending on how the lottery goes, there's a good chance one of them could be a teammate.

"I know real Kemba real well from the AAU circuit," Evans said. "Me and Kemba are really good friends."

• As for the Draft, point guard and small forward are the priorities if the Kings draft based on need and don't go with the best available player (especially if the best player is a big man). I wouldn't rule out a trade, either.

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