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May 20, 2011
Numbers games

By Jason Jones

CHICAGO - The official measurements from the NBA Draft Combine have been released. Here are some highlights:

Tallest player without shoes: Nikola Vucevic, USC, 6-10 ¼
Shortest player without shoes: Isaiah Thomas, Washington, 5-8 ¾
Heaviest player: Jeremy Tyler, San Diego HS/Maccabi Haifa/Tokyo Apache, 262.4 pounds
Lightest player: Norris Cole, Cleveland State, 174.4 pounds
Highest body fat percentage: Trey Tompkins, Georgia, 15.5 percent
Hand size (length): Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State and Greg Smith, Fresno State, 9.8 inches
Hand size (width spread out from thumb to pinky): Smith, 12 inches
Wingspan: Keith Benson, Oakland, 7-3 ¾

Other notes: UConn's Kemba Walker was the only other player under 6-foot in shoes (5-11 ½). I know a lot of Kings fans would love to have Walker in Sacramento but I still find it hard to believe the Kings would use the seventh overall pick on Walker. Seems a bit high for Walker.

*Two of the drafts biggest names had body fat above 10 percent. Arizona's Derrick Williams was measured at 10.8 percent and Duke's Kyrie Irving was 10.2 percent.

*Pete Carill would love Leonard's hands. When Carril talks about Omri Casspi's struggles he often mentions Casspi's small hands. Carril said it affects Casspi's dribbling and shooting.

Carril likes to speak of the sound the ball makes when it hits the hands of players like Chris Webber and DeMarcus Cousins. Leonard's ability to grab the ball with ease should make him an effective rebounder and defender.

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