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June 13, 2011
Could Kemba lead the Kings?

Kemba Walker is right about this - it's hard not to like him. I discovered that when I spoke to Walker at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Nothing changed today following his pre-draft workout for the Kings.

That's not a bad trait to have when you're the man bringing the ball up the court and running the offense.

"When I first meet people, people just always seem to like me," Walker said.
Growing up I've always had great character and always easy for me to make friends."

That's what Walker would have to do if the Kings selected him with the seventh pick in the first round of the NBA Draft.

One of the private complaints of players last season was not getting the ball where they wanted.

That often left the fingers pointed at Tyreke Evans, who had the ball a lot. In fairness, that was a problem with a lot of players. When a team is losing, every player believes getting them the ball would help.

But Walker seems to have the kind of personality and confidence that he could work to keep everyone happy while finding his own offense.

Beno Udrih has been the best at doing that for the Kings recently, but any point guard learning behind Udrih would have to be able to do the same without having the clout of being a veteran.

That Walker is a friend of Evans would help. So would his personality that exudes confidence that would likely help everyone on the court.

Whether the Kings select Walker remains to be seen. He could be gone to a team like Toronto, leaving Jimmer Fredette as the best option if the Kings look to add another ballhandler.

The concerns about Walker are similar to those of Fredette.

Whether Walker (6-1) is big enough or can be a true facilitator in the NBA remains to be seen. Walker points out he didn't become a big scorer until last season when UConn needed that to be his role as proof he is a pure point guard.

And for the record, those that wondered if Walker was "scared" of facing off against Fredette last week, that's not the case. Walker will face Fredette in a workout in Utah Wednesday.

There more here from today's workouts, including video of parts the media isn't allowed to see.

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