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December 1, 2011
Garcia stops by Kings practice facility

There wasn't a lot of basketball being played at the Kings practice facility on the first day it was open for players to use.

Francisco Garcia was the only player that stopped by. He's one of two Kings (along with Hassan Whiteside) in the area.

Players had been barred from the facility since owners locked out players beginning July 1. The lockout lasted 149 days before a tentative deal was reached in the early morning hours last Saturday.

"It's a long time," Garcia said. "Actually feels like it's been a couple of years. It feels good to be back. Just a different smell, just to be back on the court and look and it says Kings. It just feels good to be back. I can't wait till next week when we start training camp."

Most players are out of state preparing to return this weekend or early next week in time for training camp Dec. 9.

The news the facility would be available wasn't known until late Tuesday. So most players had no intention of returning this week, assuming there would be no contact allowed between players and teams until the new CBA was approved by players and owners.

Players have voted to reform their union, a key step in getting the deal done.

The practice facility will probably be quiet for the most part until next week.

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