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December 27, 2011
The Morning After: Kobe's advice to Cousins

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has a fan in Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

When asked about Cousins' raising his fist at Pau Gasol (I didn't see that part, but that was the question. Bryant didn't see that either. If anyone finds a link to it, please send it to me).

Bryant, however, had a message similar to one the Kings have preached to Cousins. Don't do anything that takes away from his skills on the court.

"I spoke with him a little bit at the All Star Game," Bryant said. "I told him you've got too much talent to be doing that bull----. Just play."

Cousins and Gasol were each assessed technical fouls for their brief altercation with 45.5 seconds left to play.

Like Kings coach Paul Westphal did a lot last season, he took Cousins out the game after the technical.

"I just didn't appreciate that elbow he was trying to throw," Cousins said. "That's all that was. No hate towards him. No love lost. Do that with somebody else."

But overall it was a solid performance (12 points, 11 rebounds) for Cousins. He didn't sulk because of foul trouble and his head was in the game late.

As for players fighting, Bryant had this take: "None of these basketball players are Floyd Mayweather, man."

*Bryant was also asked about the Kings-Lakers rivalry.

The rivalry was intense about 10 years ago but as the Kings fell on hard times, the Lakers were playing for championships.

"It's not a rivalry," Bryant said. "We beat you guys every year."

When pressed to give the Kings "credit" Bryant said this:

"Credit for what? We beat y'all every year."

Overall was complimentary of the Kings, but his dry humor with the media is underrated.

*Marcus Thornton (27 points) still looks like the Kings' best player. He was clutch (again) Monday night.

I still think he'll lead the Kings in scoring.

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