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December 16, 2011
Westphal on Chuck Hayes and other scrimmage notes

Here's the latest on Chuck Hayes.

The Kings don't know what doctors found wrong on his echo stress test.

"The doctors have to get more information," said Kings coach Paul Westphal. "When we get more information we'll say something."

Hayes was found to have an abnormality in a recent echo stress test and was sent for furthers tests Thursday and today. Hayes was not at the Thursday's open scrimmage at Power Balance Pavilion.

Hayes was just signed to a four-year deal worth $21.3 million and had a physical when he signed.

No incident during practice caused Hayes to be tested again.

"The doctor came to us today and said 'We were looking at these tests and we need to take some more,'" Westphal said. "He came here expecting to play."

As for the scrimmage:

*Westphal said Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson and J.J. Hickson were the veterans Westphal noted as standouts.

Westphal was also complimentary of the Kings' three draft picks, Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas.

*Thornton lived up to all Westphal has said about him being one of the best players in training camp. His shot looks good and he was active defensively. The crossover he used to score over Tyler Honeycutt was a highlight of the night. And he hit two game winners in the four scrimmages up to 20 points.

"I feel good," Thornton said. "I feel more confident than ever. This year is a coming out party for me."

As for the crossover on Honeycutt, Thornton said the message was simple: "Welcome to the league rookie."

Thornton said no one ever crossed him up as badly as a rookie.

"It wasn't as bad but Jamal Crawford got me in Atlanta," Thornton said. "It wasn't that bad but I fouled for an and-1 and it made it look bad."

*Thompson showed off improved shooting range during the scrimmage, inching his way near the three point line while hitting three jumpers in a row.

"That's one of the things I worked on," Thompson said. "And that's one of the things with getting stronger it's easier for me to shoot outside. I don't have to push it, it's more of a shot."

Thompson said extending his range will make him harder to defend. But he has no plans on become a long-range specialist.

"I can shoot a three," Thompson said. "I just don't want to take it too much of a consistent basis. Some guys evolve to shooting threes and then they settle for that. I definitely want to make sure I'm more in the paint and midrange but I think if I have to shoot a three I can."

*The activity around the basket Hickson shows in practices was evident during the scrimmage.

Same goes for Honeycutt, who showed the ability to go up for dunks and block shots with equal enthusiasm.

Thomas and Fredette both showed the ability to be playmakers and scorers. Fredette appeared to defer to a fault initially before finding his rhythm.

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