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January 20, 2012
Kings at Spurs: Five things to watch

SAN ANTONIO - If the Kings want to become a good team, they have to start winning on the road with some regularity.

No better place to start doing that then here, where the San Antonio Spurs are undefeated at the AT&T Center this season.

Here are five things to look for tonight as the Kings try to beat the Spurs.

1. Cousins' shooting
If DeMarcus Cousins can convert more of the putbacks he's missed this season, he should be able to score 20 points easily.

2. Evans' offense
Tyreke Evans started off shooting well under Keith Smart, but is shooting 7-of-33 in his last three games.

3. Energy boost
How long before Smart turns to his bench if the starters aren't off to a good start. He won't leave the starters on the court and let a manageable deficit become insurmountable.

4. The closer
If the game is close, Smart might turn to Isaiah Thomas to run the team late. The rookie has shown poise late in the Kings' last two victories.

5. Zoned out
The Kings beat Indiana on Wednesday using a zone defense that frustrated the Pacers. If the Kings use it again, they have to be especially active as the Spurs' veterans might be better prepared than the Pacers were

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