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January 12, 2012
Kings effort compensates for ills

The Kings' victory over the Toronto Raptors earlier tonight is just another reminder that basketball, more than either of the other big two sports (baseball and football), is a game of adrenaline. Especially in a regular season game without the emotional buildup inherent in, say, ESPN's telecast of the Clippers-Heat, the team that collectively expends the most energy probably wins. Consider that the Kings yet again managed only 13 assists and committed 16 turnovers, yet entered the fourth quarter tied and made plays when necessary. Again, stats means more in baseball and football.

A few other thoughts:

• When he worries less about scoring, little Isaiah Thomas is a very creative playmaker.

• Jimmer Fredette is the Kings best shooter. When he stops forcing shots and trying to do too much with the ball - AND his teammates start setting him up for open jumpers - all parties will benefit.

• It sounds crazy given his assists/turnover ratio (five turnovers, zero assists tonight), but DeMarcus Cousins is an amazing passer. When are we going to see this part of his game?

• I love coach Keith Smart's theories on conditioning. There is no comparison between the teams that are in terrific shape (Bulls, Heat, Lakers, etc.), and those that aren't (Kings, among others.) We know about the struggles of Cousins, Tyreke Evans and Donte Greene, but the Kings have to be hoping that newcomer Chuck Hayes sheds at least 20 pounds while on the disabled list. So, again, what exactly where these guys doing (eating?) during the lockout? And how much were they paying their personal trainers? Just wondering.

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