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January 19, 2012
Roster changes force players to into new roles

SAN ANTONIO - Consistency has been hard to come by for the Kings this season. That was to be expected with the young roster.

But as Kings coach Keith Smart also pointed out after Thursday's practice at the San Antonio Spurs practice facility, the Kings' young players are in new roles.

"You're asking all these guys to be primetime players and they've never been in that role - to be a primetime guy every night," Smart said.

What makes great players great is consistency. The Kings haven't found that and their youngsters don't have the same support behind them anymore.

"(DeMarcus) Cousins, if he wasn't playing well, he had (Samuel) Dalembert," Smart said. "Tyreke if he wasn't playing well, he had (Beno) Udrih. We don't have a lot of that now, these guys are the forefront. They now have to bring something to the table every night, that's what I'm trying to build."

Until the Kings know they can count on certain players to be consistent, Smart will continue to mix up his lineups as he sees fit and rely on his entire roster to try to win games.

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