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January 15, 2012
The Morning After: DeMarcus Cousins and the cameraman

DALLAS - By now you might have heard there was an incident involving DeMarcus Cousins during the postgame locker media time.

I spent time on my Twitter account that probably should have been devoted to my game story (don't worry bosses, I filed on time) clearing up what actually happened.

I had to do that after Dwain Price tweeted what happened after having the story relayed to him.

Rather than squeezing the situation into several tweets that are limited 140 characters I figured I'd add some detail and context to what actually happened.

After Keith Smart addressed the media we were allowed into the Kings locker room. By that time most of the players were showering.

I believe John Salmons, Francisco Garcia and Isaiah Thomas were the only players in the locker room.

I know Cousins has been sick for a few days and really had no intention of interviewing him. I also have a rule (that not all members of the media agree with) that I allow a player to get dressed before I start interviewing him.

Some players don't mind doing interviews in a towel, but Cousins is one who prefers to be dressed.

As Cousins was getting dressed there was a cameraman standing about five feet in front of Cousins' stall. Cousins asked could the camera man not point his camera at him while he was getting dressed.

The cameraman said his camera was off. Cousins said he didn't care if it was off, he did not want the camera on him while he was getting dressed.

Cousins eventually went back into the shower area to finish getting dressed.

Cousins returned and by then there were other players in the area. At some point the cameraman is leaving and he makes a remark to someone (Cousins I assume) about making sure his camera wasn't pointing at anyone next time he was in the locker room.

Cousins asked what was said. When he heard the comment Cousins stood up. Thomas tugged on Cousins' sweatshirt and said something like "it's not worth it." Cousins sat down and a few moments later, gathered his belongings and left the locker room after using some choice words.

At no point did Cousins go after anyone or was he physically held back. Seriously, do you think the smallest player on the team could keep Cousins from going after someone if he wanted to?

The cameraman (from what I was told) told the story in the media room and put way too much on how Cousins was acting toward him.

Sorry if you were looking for a story about how Cousins went crazy and tried to chase the guy down while the team held him back. That didn't happen, nor did a Ryan Leaf-like outburst.

I'll post more about last night's game and look ahead to Minnesota after I arrive in Minnesota.

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