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January 21, 2012
The Morning After: Smart acknowledges everyone is chipping in for the Kings

SAN ANTONIO - Keith Smart's emphasis has been on building a team where everyone gets the credit.

And Smart is making sure everyone gets credit.

Smart shared that it was Francisco Garcia who suggested Smart leave John Salmons in the game late and he responded with consecutive jumpers to tie the game at 86 before Tyreke Evans gave the Kings the lead for good.

Smart also made sure to note the entire coaching staff is why the Kings have won consecutive games.

Smart said it was the assistant coaches that saw the Kings could successfully use a zone in Wednesday's win over Indiana.

And late in Friday's at San Antonio, Smart said it was assistant coach Jim Eyen who settled down the Kings, who showed poise late in their 88-86 win over the San Antonio Spurs Friday.

"He said 'Guys we're on the road, down by two, against this team right here. We wouldn't trade that for anything to be in this position right here,'" Smart said. "I think the conversations that we're having amongst ourselves in our timeouts and our huddles is calming the guys down."

Smart's message is getting to the players, who are beginning to buy in to the notion that there doesn't have to be one player to save the day every night.

"John made big plays," said center DeMarcus Cousins. "Tyreke made big plays down the stretch, defensively we made some plays down the stretch and Cisco had a big rebound. We just played together and played for each other."

Now for more of my unsteady video:

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