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January 5, 2012
The Morning After: Kings have a lot of problems on offense

DENVER - One area the Kings weren't supposed to struggle in was offense this season.

But the Kings are off to a bad start in several offensive categories.

The Kings are 22nd in scoring (92 points per game). The Kings are 29th in field goal percentage (39.2 percent) and are last in assists (13.7 per game).

A lot of times it seems as if the Kings can't get anything easy on offense and end up taking tough shots with the shot clock running down.

"We have players who are good shooters," said Kings coach Paul Westphal. "They have to will themselves to play through it and remember the confidence that made them a great shooter. It seems like we're all going through this lull at one time where our shoulders are sagging and we forget to be confident."
The Kings better find that confidence fast because the Kings aren't stopping teams.
The Kings have second worst field-goal percentage allowed (48.5 percent) and second-most points allowed (102.4 points per game) it's not hard to figure out why the Kings are struggling.

They're not getting it right on either end. The defense has been especially embarrassing at times with teams scoring at will in transition.

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