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February 11, 2012
Cheryl Miller clarifies TNT comments

TNT sideline reporter Cheryl Miller called and asked to clarify comments that were made about Sacramento's arena situation during Thursday's Kings-OKC broadcast at Power Balance Pavilion. In a first-half interview with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, the former WNBA and USC great noted that a ballot measure requiring public approval for use of revenue (toward an arena) from proposed parking bids failed by a 5-4 margin. The mayor tried to explain that this was a good thing - from his perspective - because it enabled the bidding process to proceed. But Miller, along with analysts Reggie Miller and Chris Webber, appeared confused by his explanation.

"I feel bad," Cheryl Miller said Saturday. "I thought the question was very direct and we had plenty of time for him (Johnson) to expand on it. There could have been clarification across the board. I guess we stirred up the dust, but if there's a plus, people are talking about it. The last thing I want to see is Sac lose a team, and I know Chris (Webber) and my brother (Reggie) feel the way. Our hearts are in the right place. Reggie played for 18 in Indianapolis, so we all understand small markets. I just hope everybody keeps their ire up, and keeps their fervor for where the Kings need to be."

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