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February 19, 2012
Kings at Cavaliers: Five things to watch

CLEVELAND - There have been signs the Kings are an improved team, but they are hard to find during a four-game losing streak.

Here are some things the Kings can do to have a chance of not allowing their losing streak reach five games:

1. Run when you can
The Cavs allow a league-low 9.3 fast break points per game. So the Kings need to take every chance they have to push the pace and score easy baskets.

2. DeMarcus Cousins' advantage
Cavs center Anderson Varejao is out with a fractured wrist, meaning Cleveland will be without one of the better interior defenders in the NBA. Cousins could thrive tonight.

3. Contain Kyrie
Opposing guards have hurt the Kings repeatedly during their four-game losing streak. Will Kyrie Irving be the latest player to have a career-high in assists against the Kings? Four players have done so in the first three games of the road trip (Luol Deng, John Lucas, Jeremy Lin and Brandon Knight).

4. Keep it (under) 100
The Kings have been bad on defense during their losing streak. All three opponents on the road trip have scored at least 100 points.

5. Keep it simple
If the Kings make simple and correct basketball decisions they will have a chance to win. If the Kings start playing one-on-one too much, take bad shots or blow defensive assignments, they could be headed to Miami on a five-game losing streak.

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