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February 21, 2012
Kings at Heat: Five things to watch

MIAMI - The Miami Heat have the NBA's second-longest active winning streak in the NBA at six games. The Kings have the league's longest active losing streak at five games.

Logic dictates the Kings will lose tonight, right?

Here are five things the Kings have to do to have a chance make logic look silly.

1. Play well at the point
The Heat are most vulnerable at point guard and center. That means whoever initiates the halfcourt offense has to be aggressive and make smart decisions.

2. Boogie in the middle
Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has do dominate. If Cousins plays well, he can force Miami's defense to focus on him and free up opportunities for his teammates on the perimeter.

3. Perimeter scoring
The Kings have to make some three pointers. The Kings are 25th in the NBA in three-point percentage (30.5 percent) and last in shooting (40.8 percent). So they'll have to break their season-long trend of struggling to do that.

4. Take care of the ball
The Kings average 15.3 turnovers, which is 13th in the NBA. That's not horrible but the Kings need to be better than that against the Heat, who force 16.8 turnovers per game, third most in the NBA.

5. Don't foul
When Miami is in its halfcourt offense the Kings have to make the Heat make shots and not give up free throws. LeBron James is second in the NBA with 283 free throws attempted this season.

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