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February 15, 2012
Lin embarrasses, exposes Kings

Jeremy Lin's amazing story was the ONLY reason to continue watching the Kings-Knicks game tonight after about the first quarter, when it became that Keith Smart's bunch is reverting to old ways. Three straight games now. They don't defend the perimeter. They don't move the ball. They dribble too much. Oh, and the Knicks new point guard sensation - and that would be Lin - contributed 13 assists. The Kings finished with a whopping 15.

Geoff Petrie and his basketball staffers can take some comfort from the fact that they were among the many who blew the call on the 6-foot-3 Lin, who just happened to grow up in Palo Alto, play for Golden State and the Reno Bighorns last season, and way back when, received exactly one invitation to participate in the Las Vegas Summer League. But at some point, the Kings have to get the point, right? They need a point guard. They need a point guard. They need a point guard.

Actually, the Kings need a floor leader. Until they address that issue, whatever talent they accumulate will continue to be wasted (or ruined by the dribbling, ball-stopping, one-on-one mentality). Kings shooters rarely receive a pass in rhythm, and even when they do, they persist in dribbling instead of just releasing a shot. The make the game harder than it needs to be ....

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