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February 7, 2012
The Morning After: Smart's plan for the bench

NEW ORLEANS - Having figured out his starting lineup, Keith Smart wants to solidify his bench rotation.

"I want to be consistent with the bench guys and establish a rotation there and at one point have all five bench guys in the game and they are doing a great job," Smart said. "I've set aside several plays that they will only run that I though would fit them and keep the floor balanced."

Isaiah Thomas has been the most reliable bench player, sparking the Kings to comeback wins. Chuck Hayes is still the "arm and hammer" man as Smart calls him - a glue guy

The next step is figuring out how to best use the rest of the reserves.

Jimmer Fredette could play a big role in the improvement in the bench.

"I think (Fredette) can be a catalyst in that next group to where he can be one of the focal points in that second unit to where he's not locked in with other guys who are going to be mainstays when he's on the floor with the rest of the starting lineup," Smart said. "Him playing in that role will probably help him so when he does come in and play with some of the starters down the road. That's the plan, that's the vision."

Smart, however, isn't promising anyone playing time even if his vision is for the bench to thrive.

"That's what I want but they've got to produce," Smart said. "Because if not they'll sit over there and we'll watch the game all together from the sidelines."

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