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February 16, 2012
The Morning After: Kings had a plan to stop Linsanity

NEW YORK - There was a buzz around these parts that the Kings could be the team to give Jeremy Lin some problems and end the Knicks' winning streak at six.

Why? Tyreke Evans is a big, guard that it was presumed would be physical and make it tough on the Lin to run the offense.

That wasn't the case. Not even close.

Lin didn't score a lot (10 points) but he had a career-high13 assists in three quarters of play before sitting out the fourth quarter of the blowout.

The Kings planned to harass Lin, but that plan obviously was not executed well.

Evans, Marcus Thornton, John Salmons, Travis Outlaw and Isaiah Thomas (did I miss anyone) had their turn defending Lin.

"We just wanted to be aggressive on him on pick-and-rolls, trap him and make it hard for him," Evans said. "He still got assists. Like I said they were hitting shots."

Lin is part of a trend of opponents picking apart the Kings with passing.

During their current three-game losing streak, each opponent has had a player with at least 11 assists.

True, there will be nights when teams are just making shots. But the Kings need to do more to make it tough on the perimeter.

Right now, players are finding open teammates too easily. It's one thing for Steve Nash to do this, like he did last Saturday.

But Chicago's Luol Deng had 11 assists Tuesday. The Bulls third-string point guard, John Lucas had a career-high nine assists in the same game.

At this rate, Brandon Knight must be pretty excited to play the Kings Friday at Detroit.

Coach Keith Smart discusses the Kings' problems on defense and Jeremy Lin

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