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February 20, 2012
The Morning After: Isaiah Thomas leads from the point of attack

CLEVELAND - There has been plenty of talk for some time about the Kings' need for a point guard and whether Tyreke Evans is a true point guard.

Kings coach Keith Smart has referred to Evans as a combo guard and worked with him on becoming a better facilitator.

But perhaps the Kings' "pure" point guard was sitting on the bench all along.

Isaiah Thomas has started two games and has already shown the ability to involve his teammates and know when to get his own offense.

Thomas had 23 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds - all career highs - Sunday night when the Kings lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 93-92, at Quicken Loans Arena. .

Thomas shows leadership on the court and the ability to make clutch plays. Throughout the season Thomas has been on the court when the Kings have won or were in position to win thanks to his energy and savvy.

Starting Thomas gives the Kings that energy in the first quarter instead of the fourth. Thomas hasn't been abused defensively even though he's the shortest King at 5-foot-9.

Here's Smart's take on Thomas:

"He's developing and doing a great job with his game. We're moving the ball very well and the point of attack has been a little more secure with him playing there. I needed a director on the floor and he's been that. Two games of doing this, we've been close in both games and so the progress for him is very, very well for him and I'm proud of what he's doing. And he's given me what I needed, a lead guy on the floor to kind of direct and put people in the right spots but also be a vocal guy."

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