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March 30, 2012
Chris Mullin to introduce Nellie at Hall of Fame

I finally tracked Don Nelson down on his cell phone in Maui, and while we were chatting about his upcoming induction into the Hall of Fame - which he leaked on Wednesday, because he just can't help himself - he said he asked Chris Mullin to introduce him at the ceremonies. (Inductees have to be introduced by someone already in the Hall). So, it appears, the feud between the two ends: Nellie texted his former player/boss and said Mullie got in touch almost immediately, saying he eagerly accepted and was looking forward to getting together. For two men who contributed immensely to the NBA and to each other's success ..... well, it's about time. "I am so excited," said Nelson, who travels today to the NCAA Final Four in New Orleans. "When I saw Mullie last week at his (jersey retirement) ceremonies in Oakland, he was so gracious. He said so many nice things about me. I'm glad we're finally at this point ...."

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