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March 31, 2012
Power Rankings: The Bulls have clinched, the Bobcats have not

The Chicago Bulls have already clinched a playoff berth and still have the best record in the NBA.

The Bulls also had the best record in the NBA last season, but didn't have enough to beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

Derrick Rose is expected to miss his 10th consecutive game with a groin injury tomorrow, but the Bulls continue to win games.

That leads us to the Charlotte Bobcats, who continue to lose games. A lot of games.

The Bobcats have already been eliminated from playoff contention, but that could have been said back in January.

I wonder what Anthony Davis is thinking about the possibility of being a Bobcat.

1. Chicago Bulls (42-11 LW 1) - The Bulls keep winning and have clinched a playoff berth while Derrick Rose is still out with a groin injury.
2. Oklahoma City Thunder (39-12 LW, 3) - Thunder made the Lakers look old with a second-half onslaught on Thursday.
3. San Antonio Spurs (35-14, LW 4) - The Spurs have depth and are healthy, which means they'll be a factor in the postseason.
4. Miami Heat (37-13, LW, 2) - Haven't been the same dominant team they were at the start of the season.
5. Orlando Magic (32-20, LW 5) - Blown out by the Knicks, followed by a late loss to the Mavericks.
6. Los Angeles Lakers (31-20, LW 6) - The inconsistent Lakers are even struggling at home now.
7. Indiana Pacers (27-19, LW 7) - Danny Granger's scoring average (17.7) is its lowest since 2006-07.
8. Atlanta Hawks (31-22, LW 8) - Maybe if the Hawks keep this up, they'll start to draw their own fans to home games.
9. Dallas Mavericks (30-23, LW 12) - There's still a chance for the Mavericks to have homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs.
10. Los Angeles Clippers (30-21 LW 13) - The "other" L.A. team could still win the Pacific Division.
11. Boston Celtics (29-22, LW 16) - Just when you thought the old guys in green would fall out the Atlantic Division race, they win four in a row.
12. Memphis Grizzles (27-22 LW 10) - The Grizzlies are still adjusting to having a relatively healthy team that includes Zach Randolph.
13. Philadelphia 76ers (28-23, LW 9) - The latest loss was a bad one, being blown out by the woeful Wizards.
14. Houston Rockets (28-24, LW 14) - Another team that continues to win in spite of injuries to important players (Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin).
15. Denver Nuggets (28-24, LW 15) - A roster that gives coach George Karl a lot of options amid injuries this season.
16. Utah Jazz (27-25, LW 11) - Two-game losing streak took them from seventh in West to ninth and out the playoffs for now.
17. New York Knicks (26-26, LW 18) - Losing Amar'e Stoudemire with a back injury means Knicks will struggle to win the Atlantic.
18. Phoenix Suns (25-26, LW 17) - Losing Grant Hill to injury might end the Suns' slight playoff hopes.
19. Milwaukee Bucks (24-27, LW 19) - The latest Buck to provide a spark? Mike Dunleavy, Jr.
20. Minnesota Timberwolves (25-28, LW 20) - Kevin Love won't win the MVP, but there might not be a better power forward in the NBA.
21. Portland Trail Blazers (24-28, LW 21) - J.J. Hickson is playing how the Kings hoped he would for them.
22. Golden State Warriors (20-30, LW 22) - This team might be fun to watch next season when everyone is healthy.
23. Sacramento Kings (18-33, LW 23) - DeMarcus Cousins is in a good rhythm with his scoring and rebounding.
24. Detroit Pistons (18-33, LW 25) - Even though they've lost seven of their last 10, the Pistons have come a long way from a 4-20 start.
25. New Jersey Nets (18-35, LW 27) - Gerald Green hits a game-winner at Golden State, but the frontcourt injuries are a problem.
26. Toronto Raptors (17-35, L 26) - Friday night's loss was typical of the season. Play a good team (Miami) tough only to eventually lose in the fourth quarter.
27. Cleveland Cavaliers (17-32, LW 24) - The Cavs have lost six in a row, nine of their last 10.
28. New Orleans Hornets (13-38, LW 28) - If Eric Gordon returns this season, that might give the fans hope, if he doesn't leave after this season.
29. Washington Wizards (12-39, LW 29) - With Nick Young traded, look for Jordan Crawford to breakout as a scorer in the league.
30. Charlotte Bobcats (7-42, LW 30) - Six losses in a row, and Bobcats are the first team officially eliminated from playoff contention.

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