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March 28, 2012
The Kings' Smart hitting the phones, taking the calls

During a rare day off, Keith Smart spent two hours on Tuesday in the Kings offices, working the phones and contacting season-ticket holders who were mulling whether to renew for next season. According to some of the Kings types who were on the Power Balance Pavilion premises, the callers asked similar questions: What is the direction of the club? Why isn't Jimmer Fredette playing more? Will Tyreke Evans be traded during the offseason?

Smart, who is terrific with the public and has the energy of someone who sips Red Bull in huge doses (he doesn't), also has been overwhelmed with media requests these past few days because of this weekend's Final Four NCAA Tournament. For those who might have forgotten, he hit the baseline jumper that won the 1987 Championship for Bob Knight's Hoosiers.

Later in the day, the Kings players arrived - en masse - for their annual Cesar Chavez community function, this time at Mark Hopkins Elementary School. They spent an hour mingling with youngsters at an assembly and a learning center that had been renovated. The turnout was impressive despite the nasty weather.

One particularly funny scene: Marcus Thornton trying to help a few kids figure out how to operate one of the new desktop computers. "I don't do much with this electronic stuff," he said, with a grin. "I text on my phone. That's about it."

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